Destiny 2’s Vault Explained – Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few weeks playing Destiny 2 to death.

I mean it; I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a game both in singleplayer and co-op (there’s still loads of content waiting for me).

I’m incredibly excited for what Destiny 2 has in store, and I’m sure you are too.

I’ve been very interested in the recent community chatter surrounding one of Destiny 2’s features: The Vault. But where did it come from? Why do we have a vault? What does it even mean to have a vault?

What is the Vault in Destiny 2 and what does it do??

Well, it means different things depending on whether you’re talking to a casual player or a seasoned pro.

Let’s break down what the vault is and how it works in Destiny 2:

The Vault in Destiny 2 is basically your chest; it’s where you keep all of your items when they aren’t equipped.

If you’ve played Diablo, you’ll be quite familiar with the concept already.

Here’s what you need to know about how it works in Destiny 2:

Your vault has 4 sections called ‘slots’:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Special Weapon
  • Heavy Weapon
  • Equipment slot

Equipable items will show up here when you pick them up.

If there’s an item in your inventory that can go into one of these slots, it’ll show up as a little icon on the slot itself. You simply drag this item over to the available slot and release it – it should equip automatically. You can also do this from the equipment list, which is way more convenient.

How to access the Vault in Destiny 2:

First of all, if you want to access your vault, you’ll have to go through the menus.  

To do this, press left on the D-Pad and select Bungie.

Then select Settings > System > Tools > Vaults.

What rewards are available from the Vault in Destiny 2?

The Vault in Destiny 2 is meant to keep your favorite items readily available.  But there are other perks too: 

There’s a certain limit to how many weapons you can equip at once. You’re able to store them in the vault and freely swap between them during gameplay if needed, which will save you time.

For example, if you have a sniper rifle, scout rifle and rocket launcher in your inventory, but you find a better sniper rifle – you’re able to store the other 2 in the Vault and equip that new sniper in its place.

The vault can also be used to hold items that you’re not ready/don’t have access to yet.

This is great for when you find a piece of gear but you’re still working on leveling another one up or getting an exotic version of it. You’ll just need to make sure they don’t slot into the same slot.

You can equip weapons, armors and class items in the vault too.

This is where I think it’ll be most useful; if you’re doing a particularly difficult mission or strike with friends, you can just switch to your best gear before jumping in – ensures that everyone’s got what they need for the job!

How to use the Vault in Destiny 2 for your own benefit

You can use the Vault to transfer items between characters.  Just be sure your team leader has selected the right character before you start!

More equipment slots = more customisation options.  So if you want to have a lot of fun with Destiny 2, stock up on Vaults!


The Vault is an excellent addition to Destiny 2 that adds convenience, gives players more customizability and allows for better management of all the new loot you’ll find.  

Get online today and start stocking up on Vaults so you can take full advantage of this great feature!

There’s a lot to discover in Destiny 2, and you’ll be able to find your own strategies to benefit from the Vault.

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